Watch the Olympics in the USA

We will explain how you can watch the Olympics in the USA online for free

Watch the Olympics in the USA

Being only 1 month of start is one of the most important sporting events in the world: the Olympic Games 2016; Omega, official timekeeper of these competences, presents the latest in technology to capture images on your camera Scan ‘or’ Vision MYIRIA, which is capable of recording up to 10,000 digital images per second.

This House of style international, launched for the first time at the 1948 London Games, has been fully powered and can record amount of pictures through a high-tech imaging device.

Also has an improved light sensitivity that makes the quality of the shots is about four times greater that previous versions of the camera, and due to its size compact, it takes less to mount it and remove it.

For the competitions of athletics, the best-known sports timing device is this type of camera international, located on the line of target speed, hurdles races and other races. The image of each competitor is captured by this device when they cross the finish line and this information is used by judges to determine officially the champion of each test. The new OMEGA Scan ‘or’ Vision MYRIA is the combination of a detector of times and a chronograph.

Ruth Beitia recent racquetball in Europe of high jump, considered “more worrying”, with a view to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the “insecurity” that relies on not affecting any athlete, the zika virus that it expected to be “a smoke bomb”. Beitia is manifested as well in the Universidad international Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander, where has closed a meeting on sport, which has ensured that he is “well” and with a “perfect” preparation to five weeks of the Olympics, where it aims to fulfill his “dream” of a medal. Questions from attendees, the Cantabrian athlete has opined that if health authorities allow that the games are held, the athletes should not have “no problem” if taken preventive measures. She pointed out that the coming week will be vaccinated and has relied on that “ultimately the zika is a little a smoke bomb”, while has explained that what most concerns him “is the insecurity that are now in Brazil live stream olympics“.

“I think it is more worrying that the mosquito”, said. Earlier, at the closing ceremony of the meeting that has been spoken about sports sponsorship, it has been happy after his third straight title of European champion in high jump, something no one had got so far and that it has reached with 37 years. Beitia pointed out that now enjoy a “second stage” in his career, after change of sponsor when the above”it old” and having reached a “balance” between body and mind: “being a stage of enjoy and live now. And if he had known earlier would have saved me much anxiety”.

The jumping believes that it is picking up what he has sown and emphasised that “a dream” which does not want to wake up, lives in which included his third European Championship, a test to which pointed out that it became “covert” and without a mark of the year which avalase it. However, in Amsterdam it overcame the bar at 1.98 meters, a mark which, in his view, is a “guarantee” for the Olympic Games in Rio and believes “competitive” for that appointment.

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