How to browse anonymously online

Tips for you to keep your internet connection safe and anonymous

How to browse anonymously online

We give you some tips to recover the impossible, the Lost Ark, the son of Limbert: your privacy online. Changing our habits and using alternative services we can achieve enough.

Do not be fooled, the privacy is almost a thing of the past. Unless you’re a curious, “nerd” of computers it passed investigating how to protect their identity at all costs in the network, the possibilities are only running that everything you do is being watched by someone somewhere, whether it’s to show you best advertisement, you are using apple devices you can get a vpn for iphone at a cheap price, accusing you of thief by downloading a torrent, or shut yourself by terrorism if you buy a pressure cooker.

If we wanted to make this a very short and concise article, the first tip to regain your privacy would be move to the forest and never more surf the net. But we know that such measures only the most extreme take them. There are a few workarounds that we can use to recover a bit of privacy and yet continue to use Internet, but keep in mind that it will be a very different use to that familiar.

It changes the way in which you are looking for on the net

Forget about using Google, pull out the term Googling your personal dictionary, the same for the three users of Bing. These two giants of search track absolutely all your usage data, and each of the searches that you perform.

Nobody gets exactly the same results of search than another even if they write exactly the same terms, why? just because Google you encapsulated in a bubble of results that adapt to all the information that it has collected about you throughout your digital life and offers you believing that you will be more “useful”, which will “probably like more” by placing a wall between you and the other results.

Alternatives such as Duck Duck Go promise not to store any of your data, not to track you and do not sell your information. You can also perform searches within other metasearch engines through DDG using the bangs if you not satisfied the search engine results. You can read more details at

Internet Explorer and Safari as well as being both very deficient browsers, use cookies to track what you are looking for on the web, and Google Chrome in incognito mode is still tracking and monitoring the use you give to show you specific advertising as you want on the net. Microsoft, Apple and Google are and have always been eager to know everything about the user to sell their products or sell your information to others.

Firefox is a product of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit which has always been characterized by very put up the civil liberties of its users. Firefox offers the option of not tracking to keep your browsing habits private, also uses secure connections to web sites using https.

Opera says that it does not collect any personal information, and that the use that the user of the web does not crawled.

Finally, the most important and effective when it comes to surf anonymously and also jump your ISP restrictions is Tor Browser. All traffic that passes through this browser is encrypted in such a way that it is impossible to trace the source of the user.

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